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This is my latest product, The Food Buddy Tray!  After doing some food delivery and in my experience as a dad I never had enough hands to bring food to the door.  And when I got home getting through the door was like a balancing act and almost every time drinks were spilled, or food had to be set down to open the door,  Let's not talk about road trips and trying to keep the food off the floor or seats.  With Food Buddy Tray those problems are solved.  It's modular so if you are doing food delivery you have drink 3-6 drink holders and room for a hot bag.  If you are on a road trip place the tray in your lap and you have a place to catch the messy crumbs that your 8-year-old inevitably spills.  What about an after-work food run?  With The Food Buddy Tray you can place it in your front seat run the strap over the headrest and have plenty of room for 6 drinks, and multiple fast food bags, then have a way to carry it inside the house easily when you get home.

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