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The food buddy tray (stained)

The food buddy tray (stained)

This is the food buddy tray, I designed it because I was working food delivery and noticed a problem. I always had my hands full. between the food bags, phone and drinjk carriers I never had enough hands.  I was always afraid I would drop the food or drinks and then my ratings would fall or I wouldn't get paid.  Not to mention being distracted trying to keep tghe food bags or drink carriers from sliding off the seat or tipping over.  So I designed the food buddy to be able to hold a hot bag, 6 drinks, and be able to carry it one handed so I could navigate stairs, gates, and doors more effectively.  It's  modular so if you have 1 drink and 2 bags of food simply remove a drink holder.  Have a stacked order? seperate them with a drink holder.  

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