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Okay so in Woodworking there's been a big boom to support a new food style with a little extra flare. Charcuterie has been around for a very long time, think centuries, but the trend is back, It's simple, it's fast, and it's great for summer simple meals where you don't want to heat up the kitchen. With that said here's what you should know about charcuterie boards. They are similar to a regular cutting board as they are constructed the same as an edge or face grain cutting board. This is why I am writing this though because a charcuterie board that is thin and has a lot of face grain exposed is going to have a higher likelihood of warping and cracking than one that is constructed a bit thicker using an edge grain technique. So when looking for a good charcuterie board look for something at least 3/4 of an inch thick and with multiple layers of solid hardwood laminated together with grains alternating to give you the best and longest lasting board.

Just like other cutting boards, they do not do well in the dishwasher and it's important to keep them oiled or conditioned with a mix of beeswax and mineral oil. If you need to freshen it up a bit wash with mild soap and water then take a half lemon and some salt. sprinkle the salt on the flesh of the lemon and rub it into the board. Then rinse, let dry completely and apply a couple of coats of food-grade mineral oil, then finish with some beeswax and mineral oil mixture. This should keep it going for many years.

So, why spend money on a fancy board for some cheese and meat? I think it was Gordon Ramsey that said "With dessert, you eat with your eyes first." While not necessarlity what I think of for dessert; I think all food should be presented in a way that makes it look nice. It brings a level of warmth and ambiance to what otherwise could look like an unfinished sandwich. Regardless of what your thoughts are on Charcuterie, it is here, at least for now. As long as the trend is here, woodworkers everywhere will be making these simple yet elegant boards to satisfy your needs.

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