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Using Custom Cutting boards to build your business.

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Do you need to set yourself apart from other Realtors? Are you a steady seller wanting to build your client base without cold calling? Do you care for your clients and want them to come back to you every time they have a real estate need? I have a suggestion: When you close a sale ask them to plan a housewarming party. Then you cater that party, and when you arrive have the food on a custom cutting board that has your information engraved on it. Bring some business cards too and place them next to the cutting board, and when you walk in tell them "Welcome home! This is a token of my gratitude for being an excellent client." You don't have to stay and make it awkward if the room feels cold but if it's warm take the opportunity to mingle and network. Your information will be on the cutting board and potentially your logo as well. The guests will notice that cutting board, and will be very impressed knowing that the realtor that took their friends through the process of buying a home followed up and made sure they were taken care of after moving in. For years to come the new home owners will look upon that cutting board. Always having your information in front of them. When they have company over they will see that cutting board and want to know where they got it. This is something that will give so much more over time.

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